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Decortication and Properties of Sisal

decortication and properties of sisal , A process of fibre extraction from the leaves of sisal plant is called decortication. The leaves get crushed and beaten by using a rotating wheel set. This wheel set contains blunt knives in it. Only the fibres remain. These fibres are washed in water. The waste part of leaves gets removed away from the fibres. Now these washed fibres are kept under sun light for drying. The dried fibres are brushed manually.
The fibres are ready completely. These fibres are packed into bales and are transported to spinning process.sisal decorticated waste elemental profileportable sisal decorticator agave


Sisal is exceptionally durable with a low maintenance with minimal wear and tear and it is Recyclable. fibres are obtained  from the outer leaf skin, removing the inner pulp. Fine fibre available as plaid, herringbone and twill. Sisal are Anti static, does not attract or trap dust particles and does not absorb moisture or water easily. The fine texture takes dyes easily and offers the largest range of dyed colours of all natural fibres. It exhibits good sound and impact absorbing properties. waste pretreatment of sisal decorticated“Its leaves can be treated with natural borax for fire resistance properties”.decorticated waste pretreatment of sisal

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