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Important Information About Sisal Plant

important information about sisal plant, The sisal fibres are obtained from Agave Sisalana, a native of Mexico. The hardy plant grows well all year round in hot climate and arid regions. The sisal plant can be cultivated in most soil types except clay and has low tolerance to very moist and saline soil conditions.  The husbandry is relatively simple as it is resilient to disease and its input requirement is low compared to other crops. The sisal can be harvested from 2 years after planting and its productive life can reach up to 12 years, producing from 180 to 240 leaves depending on location.uses sisal agave sisalana


The propagation of sisal generally gets done by using bulbils produced from buds in the flower stalk. The sisal propagation is also done by suckers growing around the base of the sisal plant. info symbolism scientific classification,,These methods of sisal propagation does not offer  any potential genetic improvement in the plant. Meristematic tissue culture (MST) offers considerable potential for the development of improved genetic material in the propagation of sisal plant.scientific classification related plants

The sisal plant has a 7-10 year life-span. It normally produces 200 – 250 commercially usable leaves. Each leaf of sisal plant contains an average of around 1000 fibers. The fibers account for only about 4% of the plant by weight. The sisal is considered a plant of the tropics and subtropics season. The sisal plant reaches to maximum growth above 25° C and sunshine. common pests diseases distribution

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