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Sisal is produced by using bulbils propagated from the buds in the flower stalk or from the suckers that grow around the plant’s base which is grown in nursery fields until they are mature enough to be transferred to the final place of growth. These methods of sisal production offer no probable genetic enhancement. Sisal is number 6 among fiber plants and it represents 2% of the production of plant fibers in the world.

The Top Three Countries Producing Sisal

In 2013 the global production of fiber accounted for 281,000 tons with Brazil being the largest producing country with 150.6 thousand tons of sisal. Tanzania follows in as the second leading producing country with approximately 34.9 thousand tons of sisal fibre. Kenya follows Tanzania as the third largest producing country accounting for 28.0 thousand tons of sisal.

Importance Of Sisal To The Leading Producing Countries In The World

Sisal production is one of the longest surviving agricultural industries. The other leading countries that produce sisal in the world are Madagascar, People’s Republic of China, Mexico, and Haiti accounting for 18.9, 16.5, 12.0 and 9.0 thousand tons respectively produced in 2013. The importance of sisal to these countries is that its production not only enhances economic growth but is also a source for employment opportunities. Our top grade sisal is still expected to provide well-being to a large number of people from the leading producing countries.

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